#velocityconf notes part 2

Yoav Weiss did a great session on responsive images and techniques; this scared me a little as he’s covering a lot of content that could contradict the talk I’m doing later in the week!


He’s mentioned some great pertinent points that I’ll reference back to.

Other things he talked about:

LQIP, which sounds like a reintroduction of the ancient lowsrc attribute.

He’s really having a pop at Mobify and their image loading hack script, which he calls Bat-Shit-Loco-Insane ™. Nice. Explaining how it works feels like the whole room has just facepalmed.

He also talks about compressive images. Luckily nothing that completely ruins my stuff.. whew. I’ll just have to update my notes a little bit.

Each session I’m going to gives me ideas on changes I should make to our Friday session!

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