Check out the big brain on Brett!

Wow. Ok, so I managed to completely forget that I’d registered this WP account. No idea when I did it either. Weird.

And I’ve managed to register a matching domain name too, and completely forget about it. I am just not¬†on the ball these days!

It’s just as well too, since my other blog seems to have been taken down in a blaze of lightning (thanks for nothing EC2).

Posts coming up – in no particular order – prepare your bookmarking finger!

  • Grading a developer
  • Lessons learned: MSBuild for n00bs (i.e., me)
  • Lessons learned: Continuous Integration using TeamCity, a VirtualBox VM, NUnit, Selenium, a private NuGet repo, SVN, git and oodles and oodles of patience. For n00bs.
  • Content templating using Nustache (mustache for .Net), a.k.a. “How to work effectively with an external design company: a case study”
Ok, so that’s a lot to commit to. I better get started!