Create your first QnA bot using botframework’s QnA Maker

When talking about the botframework, and chatbots in general, people usually assume that these are all using some clever logic and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver a chunk of business logic via a natural language interface.

With the botframework this is most likely implemented by wiring up the Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS): originally a stand-alone, (optionally) self-training, natural language understanding service, but now part of Microsoft Research’s Cognitive Services – previously “Project Oxford” – a collection of extremely powerful machine learning APIs for processing images, video, text, speech, to extract meaning.

Exceptionally powerful, incredibly clever stuff.

Almost all botframework articles and tutorials you’ll see at the moment will either do very basic pattern matching to extract intent from a message, or they’ll use LUIS (or a combination of the two); how to use LUIS is the subject of another article entirely, since this is no small task (I’ll come back to this in another article).

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