nuget: cannot prompt for input in non-interactive mode

If you’ve ever seen this annoying error in your various build server logs, or even when running msbuild locally from the command line, you’re probably getting annoyed.

There are a few solutions (such as including the user credentials in plain text in a config file – eep!) but this is one which I’ve used when I really get stuck.

Ensure you’re logged in as the user which will be running the builds (if not yourself), and update the nuget source reference (which will be in a user-specific appdata config file) with the password:

nuget sources update -Name <whatever you called it> -source http://your.nuget.repo/authed/feed/ -User <your username> -pass <your pwd>

This will save an encrypted password in a user-specific config file on that computer, and should mean you don’t get prompted for that source anymore.

Several more options are detailed over here: