Raspberry Pi 101: Part 2b – More setup

Before I get onto XBMC, here’s a little extra setup I’ve done with my rPi. Remember, I’m currently using the raspbian distro, so don’t go trying the same steps when you’re using RISC or something else.


The edimax wifi dongle I bought needed a little massaging to get working; unfortunately I could’t set it up directly from the command line and it appears that currently the only solution for configuring wifi within raspbian is to start the GUI desktop:


and punch the wifi config desktop icon. This will open the wifi config gui and allow you to scan and setup your connection.

Once this is done a restart should still keep the wifi connectivity

SSH via Connectbot sans password

I like to use connectbot to ssh into many things and I’m lazy so don’t fancy typing passwords if I don’t need to.

As such, here’s how to set up your raspberry pi with authorized key ssh access:

Generate a key

Install Connectbot from the android store

Generate a new key from the “manage keys” page
connectbot generate key

Copy the public key to clipboard
connectbot copy to clipboard

SSH into your raspberryPi from your connectbot instance using the username “pi” and password “raspberry” (unless you changed it from the default)

Paste the key into a new authorized_key file (there isn’t one created by default):

cd ~
mkdir .ssh
chmod 700 .ssh

Then use the menu soft key to select “paste” after typing “echo”:

echo [paste clipboard contents] >> .ssh/authorized_keys
chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys

Now you can exit the session and should be able to log back in without needing to enter a username or password. Whoop.


Just for the hell of it (and because I’ve become interested thanks to the blog posts at the end of this article) I’ve set up VNC on the pi. To do this is as easy as

sudo apt-get install tightvncserver

and then start the server using something like

sudo vncserver :1 -geometry 1024x768 -depth 24

You can then connect using your VNC viewer of choice to {the rPi’s IP}:1, e.g.


A great couple of posts on SSH and tunnels using the rPi here and here

Android jellybean premium update 2012 Dec 29

My Samsung S3’s Android OS has just updated this morning, so I thought I’d share some of the funky stuff found so far.

Firstly there’s an updated swipe keyboard which shows a single potential word whilst you’re swiping instead of waiting until after you’ve finished.

It also seems more accurate in both the word matching and the prediction (e.g I only had swiped the pre of prediction before it appeared as the single possible option). However it doesn’t automatically show punctuation after you’ve finished a word, so adding a comma or exclamation mark takes a couple more taps now.

The camera has been changed so that you can get burst mode simply by holding the shoot button down.

There’s an updated allshare interface for streaming media, but even though I have other Samsung devices on my network it’s not picking them up. Maybe more configuring is needed.


New options in jellybean update

The coolest thing I’ve noticed so far is the multiwindow option which allows you to split the screen and have more than one thing running on screen at once.


Multiwindow jellybean update intro

Multiwindow jellybean update

multiwindow jellybean update with chrome at the top and facebook underneath

Kinda funky. What else is there?