Find of the day:

Making and hosting a website has never been easier, thanks to the likes of AppHarbor, heroku, and github pages. Now there’s a new contender on the block and it’s possibly even easier to use that the others; if you don’t do dynamic content and just want a static website, check out

This site takes your dropbox account (if you don’t know what dropbox is, head over to their site and watch the “What is Dropbox” video; essentially it’s distributed online file storage) and uses a folder (which it creates) as the root for your website.


site44 homepage

Just follow those steps and you’ll find a new folder appear in your local Dropbox folder:

site44 autogenerated dropbox folder

In there you’ll find a new index.html page with the default content:

site44 autogenerated homepage

Open that file locally, edit it, save it, give Dropbox a second to sync it back up and:

site44 gordons alive



Think I might do a compare and contrast with Appharbor, github pages, and site44 at some point. The world is a clever place.