My NuGet

Want your own NuGet repo? Don’t want to pay for MyGet or similar?

Here’s how I’ve done it recently at Mailcloud (over an espresso that didn’t even have time to get cold – it’s that easy)

Setting up a NuGet Server

Creating your own nuget server could barely be any easier than it is now.

Open Visual Studio -> New Project -> WebSite

visual studio new website

Empty Website

visual studio empty azure website

Open Package Manager/Console -> Install-Package Nuget.Server

install nuget server

It’ll look something like this afterwards:

nuget server installed

Add API key to appsettings

nuget server add api key

For the API key: I just grabbed mine from

Publish site

If you’re using Azure and you selected the “Create remote resources” back at the start when creating the project, you can just push this straight out to the newly created website with a right click on the project -> publish :

publish azure website

Or use powershell, or msbuild to webdeploy, or ftp it somewhere, or keep it local – your call, buddy!

And that’s the hard part done 🙂

Using it

First visit

nuget server first visit

If you haven’t configured an API key then the first visit page will alert you to this.

Push a package

This is done in the usual manner – don’t forget your API key:

push a package

Check the repo

pushed package

Let’s reference our shiny new nuget repo:

Add a new source

Edit your Package Manager settings and add in a new source, using your new repo:

package manager sources

Find your packages!

Now you can open Package Manager window or console and find your pushed nuget package:

new source packages

Happy packaging!

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