Asides #9 – IRC. WTF?

Whilst I’ve been attempting to learn a new thing each month this year, I’ve been finding it really tricky to keep to the pretty loose schedule. As such, I though I’d try and note down every time a shiny new thing takes my interest, so that I have some idea why I’m incapable of completing a series of blog posts.

JabbR / IRC


Internet Relay Chat (IRC) – text based shared “room” chat environment, with private messaging etc. I seriously had no idea that people still used these. I would have used them back in university (’98/’99), but haven’t touched them since.

The idea of attempting to convince a company that they should set up a private IRC server internally for team communication just doesn’t seem right to me. I’d much rather suggest that people use any other form of IM or even JabbR; this is probably due to my developer background instead of ops.


As such, I’ve been trying to install JabbR in the cloud using AppHarbify as a proof of concept

You can use Janrain to process the authentication, and AppHarbify allow you to just install apps into your appharbor account – including JabbR!

The details for manual installation are in an AppHarbor blog but the killer info is in the comments section..

— Discovering people still use IRC, thanks to discussions at DevOpsDays..

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