Aside #6 – A Random Analogy; DevOps/Washing Up

Whilst I’ve been attempting to learn a new thing each month this year, I’ve been finding it really tricky to keep to the pretty loose schedule. As such, I though I’d try and note down every time a shiny new thing takes my interest, so that I have some idea why I’m incapable of completing a series of blog posts.

Random Analogy – DevOps For Washing Up

Random Washing Up Analogy


Getting all of the dishes ready to wash, clearing all of the space required to let them dry, washing everything in one go and setting it all to dry, then getting a towel and drying everything in one go, then putting everything away in one go.


Wash one sink full, put it on the drainer, stop washing and grab a towel, dry that load and put it away as you go – one iteration completed!


My definition of the devops movement is not about a technology or a single process, but about getting everyone necessary to get something out of the door involved at the start. As such; get two people to help you out: one washes, one dries, one puts away. Continuous deployment 😉

— Thinking about DevOps a lot in the run up to devopsdays, and my dishwasher breaking..!

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