TeamCity and MSBuild Quirks #1

I’m using a postbuild event to fire off resgen and AL to create DLLs from resource files (for nice multilingual content). This event looks a bit like:

"$(WindowsSDKDir)bin\resgen.exe" "$(SolutionDir)\Langfr.resx"
"$(WindowsSDKDir)bin\AL" /t:lib /culture:fr /embed:"$(SolutionDir)Langfr.resources" /out:"$(SolutionDir)bin\"

As such, when I build this locally from either VS2010 or MSBuild hitting the csproj file, all is fine. The resx file is picked up by resgen and creates a resources file, which is in turn picked up by AL and embedded into a dll. It actually appears in the build log/command line as something similar to:

  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A\bin\resgen.exe" "..\Lang\fr.resx"
  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A\bin\AL" /t:lib /culture:fr /embed:"..\Lang\fr.resources" /out:"..\bin\"

However, when I committed this into my branch and saw TeamCity pick it up, even though the build appeared to pass the build log shows the truth:

[PostBuildEvent] Exec
[Exec] "bin\resgen.exe" "..\Lang\fr.resx" "bin\AL" /t:lib /culture:fr /embed:"..\Lang\fr.resources" /out:"..\bin\"

Eh? Where’s the path to the ¬†Windows SDK? Maybe it’s not installed on the Build Server. Fine, I’ll pop off and install it. And restart. And try again. Still the same result. What’s up with that? I whacked in a <Message> tag to output the value of $(WindowsSDKDir)… and it shows the correct path!

I still don’t understand why the value of $(WindowsSDKDir) is correctly set, but when used in a post build event it appears to be empty. If anyone can help with that, please let me know.

So, to my hack: I have yet to discover the correct way to fix this so have instead edited the MSBuild build step on the CI server to override the empty value with a specific one (i.e., the location of the windows SDK on the build server):

TeamCity Build Step Parameter

(A little tip: for some reason I needed to remove the trailing quote from the path parameter else it resulted in “C:\blahblah\”bin\resgen.exe” instead of “C:\blahblah\bin\resgen.exe”)

TeamCity doesn’t approve of this and instead suggests you use a TeamCity Build Parameter instead of an MSBuild parameter; unfortunately I couldn’t get this to work so am sticking with the command line parameter, as above. If anyone can inform me how to do this correctly, I’d appreciate it.

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