Android browsers, keyboards, and media queries

If you have a site that is intended to be mobile friendly, is reasonably responsive (in a media-query-stylee) and has user input areas, you may find this issue on Android due to how the keyboard interacts with the screen:

Nice text input area


Oh noes! Screen gone wrong!


It turns out that on Android devices the keyboard doesn’t overlay the screen, but actually resizes the screen; this can cause your media queries to kick in, especially if you use “orientation”:

(orientation : landscape)
(orientation : portrait)

To fix this, try changing your orientation checks to aspect ratio checks instead:


(orientation : landscape)


 (min-aspect-ratio: 13/9) 


(orientation : portrait)


(max-aspect-ratio: 13/9)

Ahhh – success!



7 thoughts on “Android browsers, keyboards, and media queries

  1. Hello Robin,
    I’m a mobile software developer.
    Some months ago I applied this technique with success in my sites after several trials. Now, it does not work with LG phones (Nexus 5, LG G2 ecc…)
    Any suggest?
    Thank you in advance.

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